Exposing Myself

Time to come clean. (Or shouldn’t it be “come cleanly”?) Time for me to allow anyone to read chapter one of the book I have worked so hard on for so long–for a majority of my life, in fact. And so the addition of another page to this blog giving Chapter 1 of “Ready or Not” in its entirety.

True, a peek to this link will give anyone access to the first chapter and a portion of the second. But this forum is interactive in its nature, unlike the static Amazon Kindle page. So have a look at what I have cared about for so long. It stands before you naked and unadorned; it is what it is. Has it wrinkles? Has it age? Does it possess my vitality from my 20’s when I so hopefully journeyed forth on my project?

You judge. And if you like what you read, you know what you must do to complete your investigation of my disemrobement.

One thought on “Exposing Myself

  1. It is always a brave decision to expose one’s creativity to the world, especially if it is a work that has been incubating for a long time….
    To me, writing seems to be the the most revealing of all the arts, for always between the lines emerges the inner voice of the author, reverberating its symphony of ideas, convictions, contemplations and the very spark of inspiration. Thank you for sharing all of these in your wonderful book.

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