Slowly Moving


On the e-publishing of Ready or Not.

Sales: The illustration summarizes them. Downloads: 9 sales, 105 downloads (free promotion).

Reviews: Three wonderful ones here.

Lesson: Don’t depend on give-aways promoted to relatives, friends, and co-workers to garner much in the way of on-line interest. For that matter, don’t expect the same to be in any hurry to actually read the book! I have confirmation of only three people who have done so. (Thanks, reviewers!)

Action: Begin to market the book to agents who accept digital portions. Thanks to leads provided by author Wendy L. Callahan, I have a plentiful list of above-board agents available at AAR, or The Association of Authors’ Representatives. The process is begun.

2 thoughts on “Slowly Moving

  1. You might want to try – he’s set up irevuo
    to review new writers etc.?
    You may also consider some Blogwhoring! If your blog is going to push your book, push your blog. Set-up & connect to twitter & a facebook page and spend some hours finding and commenting on bloggers who may be interested.
    (you may have noticed certain bloggers “like” practically every post on WordPress – I doubt they read any of them. While I’m personally against this – if you genuinely read the about page or a post or two and feel there’s common ground – use your platform – comment & like – write more posts!)
    ABove all, be patient – your book is on sale for the rest of time!

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