To the Free Downloaders

From “Sleep Hygiene” by Dr. Tony Eldridge

I almost wrote “let-me-down freeloaders.”

Is it too much to ask or nudge people I’ve known to have downloaded my e-book “Ready or Not” to at least rate it?

I am new at this, obviously, so perhaps I ask a naive question. I am fairly certain that most haven’t even gotten around to reading it yet, let alone finishing it. (And how can that be urged? I think it is impossible without loss of tact.) We writers wish anyone with our work is breaking his or her neck to read and savor our material–hardly a truth.

Here and there at work I’ve mentioned this to those who acknowledged taking advantage of the free download (lightly but sincerely). Yet naught happens.

Do I post to my Facebook page and reiterate what must be obvious? Perhaps I am too polite.

Or perhaps a more ominous question needs to be addressed: is the book actually not very good?


One thought on “To the Free Downloaders

  1. Bunny – the quality of the book has nothing to do with it. People have shit to do, and while they support you in some abstract (and utterly genuine) way – they get distracted with the multitude of life.
    No. there is no polite or good way of nudging. That said, it’s ok to say “oi, f**ker, read my s**t.” You kind of have to!
    Equally, it’s up to you in the end to push your work at every online outlet and potential publisher like some textually obsessed whore. It’s the only way.
    If you like, I’ll read the book, and review it (honestly – be prepared – got letters after my name in the real world (oooh!)) – but I’m poor, so send it for free or piss off!! 🙂

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