Worst Blogger Award

"Worst Blog"

“Worst Blog”

Does someone promote a “Worst Blogger” award? I wonder if I would be a nominee, should it be created, at least according to a few common sense criteria.

  1. Must be trying to be active. That is, a writer who blogs infrequently or next to never (which I suspect would include many who start but drop the practice out of boredom or distraction) would not be eligible.
  2. Must aspire in some way, any way. This excludes writers aspiring to offend, for such a person may draw like-minded haters to his or her material. That’s success on its own terms, so such a blog would be out. Also, a writer taking on arcane and specialized material (“My Fascination with Carpet Fibers”) would still be able to merit some worth. Such ephemeral pursuits exhibit a fascinating charm, so most such writers would be out of consideration.
  3. Add your own…

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