South American Chance

Camelids for South American Chance

A llama mall: a card game ahead!

“Deal ’em, Mac,” a camelid said.

A coupla’ alpaca dealt: “An’ you cave, vicuña,”

As up-cards sailed under toes bifurcated.

“Where is all my luck?” a huarizo led.

“I’m gonna’ go,” the guanico pled.

Note: I enjoy word-play nonsense, as you can see. How successful I am is up to the reader. “A llama mall: a” is an orthographic inversion. “Deal ’em, Mac/Camelid“, “A coupla’ alpaca“,and “An’ you cave, vicuña“,are syllabic inversions. “Where is all/huarizo” and “I’m gonna’ go/gaunico” are doubling puns.
(All pictures courtesy Wikepedia, except the huarizos, courtesy of this link.)

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