Vicious Shoe Issues

shadChad’s shed.

Chad Chew’s shed.

Shad shed.

Shad’s shed.

Chad Chew’s shad’s shed!

Shad? No shoes.

Unshod shad!

Chad Chew’s unshod shad’s shed.

A sod-shed.

Chad’s sod-shed.

Chad Chew’s unshod shad’s sod-shed.

Chad should shoe.

Chad should shoe his shad (f’sho’!).

Chad Chew should shoe his sod-shed’s unshod shad.

Should have. Should’ve. Shoulda.

Chad shoulda shod his shad.

Had Chad Chew shod his shad,

He woulda (and coulda) had—

Chad Chew’s shodden shad sod-shed.


Chad Chew chooses newly shod shad from his sod-shed to issue fishy vichyssoise.

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