As I toy with sounds, I create many orphans.

May Mae’s maize mature in May? Maybe it may, Mabel.

What of Bach’s box of beer bocks?


Moxy Mattox, approximately at Appomattox,

Pick-pocketed a poxy pocket.


Rickey’s rickets tricked his crickets.


“A stack of tacks?” cracked the cats.

I might sack said cats.

Attack tack stacks, cats, or scat!


Shaddai was at ‘im (Adam’s atoms).

Ailing Laureen


Laureen likes Lanier–

Sibling liking.

Laureen is ill.

Liver ill. Ill livers kill!

Laureen’ll have her renal

Lipo-pulled, as pills

Will ill Laureen.

Sibling Lanier’ll

Allay Laureen. He’ll

Align and lay along her lank,

Allow the lipo-doctor to

Allot his renal tissue

And issue tissue to Laureen.

Multicultural Illnesses


Ma’s amah.
Ma’s amah has asthma.
Ma’s amah–of Manama.
Ma’s Manama amah has asthma!
Oh, Ma!
Man, amah!

Ma’s amah is Manaman;
Amah’s top: Panamanian.
Ma’s Manaman amah has Panamanian head ware.

Ah: Bahamas!
Bahamas-bound amah!
Manaman amah, Panamanian top, Bahamian trip–
Bahamas amah–asthma–Panamanian Bahamian–
Oh my, Ma!
Manaman monomania!

Asthma, amah, brings mono.
Mono; asthma. As Ma’s amah
Moans of mono,
Ma’s amah’s asthma’s anathema.