Palatal Gliding

shoes white

Why choose white shoes?
Go choose Goat Shoes!
Do choose Dew Shoes.

Why chuck white shucks?
What cheats white sheets?
Do cheat two sheets.
Go cheat goat sheep.

What chops white shops?
Do chop Toot Shops.
Joe chops Goat Shops.
What chips white ships?
Go chip Goat Ships.
Do chip Dew ships!

Why chants white Shan’t’s?
Why harm white arms?
Why take white ache?
Why do White Dew?
Go do Goat Dew!
Go charm his goat armies.

Why chart her white Chartre?
Do charter her Chartre.

Why cheapen white sheep in?
Go cheapen Goat Sheep in.
What cheers white sheers?
Go cheer goats here.

He takes sweet aches.

Why cherish white sherries?
Go cherish Goat Sherries.
Why chill white shills?
Go chill Goat Shills.
Why chin white shins?
What’s in white sins?
White’s in; why sin?


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