Multicultural Illnesses


Ma’s amah.
Ma’s amah has asthma.
Ma’s amah–of Manama.
Ma’s Manama amah has asthma!
Oh, Ma!
Man, amah!

Ma’s amah is Manaman;
Amah’s top: Panamanian.
Ma’s Manaman amah has Panamanian head ware.

Ah: Bahamas!
Bahamas-bound amah!
Manaman amah, Panamanian top, Bahamian trip–
Bahamas amah–asthma–Panamanian Bahamian–
Oh my, Ma!
Manaman monomania!

Asthma, amah, brings mono.
Mono; asthma. As Ma’s amah
Moans of mono,
Ma’s amah’s asthma’s anathema.

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