Bathroom Love

Happens, it does, in a house of two loos

That husbands and wives utilize them in twos.

At one at the same time dispense we our waste!

The effluence merges, and love voids the place

Of solids and liquids, each giving chase

Down into plumbing and into the sewage–

An intimate mingling! Ejecta and brewage!

Oh, blessing of sorts! Oh, lurid perfection!

Celebrate we this wet cosmic connection!

Toxic Sock Farm

I have a problem with my feet.

In winter of all times each sweats–

Olfactor’ly my nose doth meet

Odorific fulminance.


Sad, Sino-socks—none can contain

What each should best be hidin’.

Wife, she winces, pinches spent

Pairs from the toxic garden


Into laundry chutes they’re spurned–

Returned to Sino-Biden:

“These, your profits, these you’ve earned

“In China’s breast abidin’.”


Yet as I wear the pairs Red-crafted

Doff the pairs each night.

Consign them not to laundry baskets–

Noses, eyes, from site.

Clemency Maintained

Clement grew potent, got caught in the moment.

He swelled out his monument—started to foment—

As Ms. Clement donned an erotical garment.

He: “Quotients of marriage are my just emolument.

“My seeds need to vomit a certain emollient.”

She: “Don’t froth so, dear—for me it’s a condiment.”