Prison Teacher

Winter’s olden, damn-dawn fog–

Teacher glow’ring ‘mid the bog.

Earthen eyes at soulless stares:

Inmates fastened to school chairs.

Stare I back, heart stake at stanchion;

God has stated His injunction.

Do that deed I dare not mention–

Face His dread eternal truncheon.

Note: I found this deep in some records from an especially dark day at work. It may be 18 months old. I mean the good Lord no ill will. In fact, I don’t quite understand what my meaning was. Comments would be, in this entry’s case, most welcome.

Clemency Maintained

Clement grew potent, got caught in the moment.

He swelled out his monument—started to foment—

As Ms. Clement donned an erotical garment.

He: “Quotients of marriage are my just emolument.

“My seeds need to vomit a certain emollient.”

She: “Don’t froth so, dear—for me it’s a condiment.”

Zederess – Zed or Ess?


A question that’s novelly dry, sir:

Is the “s” to be soft in T. Dreiser?

                   Or should it be “z”?

                   Conundrum to me

That spurs me to drink down Budweiser.