Multicultural Illnesses


Ma’s amah.
Ma’s amah has asthma.
Ma’s amah–of Manama.
Ma’s Manama amah has asthma!
Oh, Ma!
Man, amah!

Ma’s amah is Manaman;
Amah’s top: Panamanian.
Ma’s Manaman amah has Panamanian head ware.

Ah: Bahamas!
Bahamas-bound amah!
Manaman amah, Panamanian top, Bahamian trip–
Bahamas amah–asthma–Panamanian Bahamian–
Oh my, Ma!
Manaman monomania!

Asthma, amah, brings mono.
Mono; asthma. As Ma’s amah
Moans of mono,
Ma’s amah’s asthma’s anathema.

Pastries a Nazi cannot See

doughnutsAdmiral Dönitz. DER-nits.
Dönitz doughnuts. DOE-nuts.
Admiral Dönitz Doggie Doughnuts.

Dönitz dog Dotna.
Dotna Dönitz.
Auditing dog.
Nutty dog!
Auditing nuts.

Dotna audited. (She oughtna’.)
Don’t, Dotna!
Dotna, don’t audit Dönitz Doughnuts’ dough nuts!

Vicious Shoe Issues

shadChad’s shed.

Chad Chew’s shed.

Shad shed.

Shad’s shed.

Chad Chew’s shad’s shed!

Shad? No shoes.

Unshod shad!

Chad Chew’s unshod shad’s shed.

A sod-shed.

Chad’s sod-shed.

Chad Chew’s unshod shad’s sod-shed.

Chad should shoe.

Chad should shoe his shad (f’sho’!).

Chad Chew should shoe his sod-shed’s unshod shad.

Should have. Should’ve. Shoulda.

Chad shoulda shod his shad.

Had Chad Chew shod his shad,

He woulda (and coulda) had—

Chad Chew’s shodden shad sod-shed.


Chad Chew chooses newly shod shad from his sod-shed to issue fishy vichyssoise.

Legal Machinations in the Petroleum Industry

roller-cone-oil-well-drilling-bit-14314239Wil Tell.
Wil Tell will tell. Wil Tell, a tattle-tale!

Wil’s will.
Wil Tell’s wills.
Wil Tell’s wills will tell!
Wil Tell’s wills will tattle-tale well.

Wil Tell wills you to tell Tell’s wills.
Wil Tell wills you to tattle-tale Wil’s will well.

Wil’s well.
Wil Tell’s well: Wil Tell’s oil well!
Wil Tell’s oil well will.
Wil will tell Tell’s oil well will.

Will tell, Wil Tell!


Wil will tell Tell’s oil well will well, the tattle-tale!