Deadly Dumas Fan



Monty Chris: a whistler.

He towed a Monte Cristo tome to home.

Monty Chris towed Monte Cristo!

–to the bistro, whistling.

The Thistle Bistro.


Monty Chris, he owns two pistols.

Each a crystal pistol

Crafted to sequester kestrels.


Monty Chris towed Monte Cristo, whistling, toting to The Thistle Bistro crystal pistols.

Skedaddle kestrels!

She-Ra Comes Out

He Man











Deb: debutante.

Don’t you taunt Deb, a debutante.


Debutantes’ he-man haunt.

He-man haunt for man-hunters.

Herman: he-man.

Deb debuts to Herman he-man!

He-man Herman is a seaman.

He-man seaman Herman is so debonair.

Puts Deb on air!

Deb—you taunt!

Middle Earth Antagonists

Saruman and Sauron


Sad Ron.

Sorrowin’ Ron.

Saruman saw Ron, sorrowing.

Ron saw Saruman see his sorrow.

Says Saruman: “See Sauron, man.

“Saruman is not the man for sorrow, Ron.”

Ron ran.

Ron ran to Sauron.

Sauron’s eye saw Ron run.

Sauron’s eye stunned running Ron.

No more sorrow, Ron!

Native American Hero



Mr. Tory Terry.

Tory Terry’s tribal.

And the tribal river? Terry!

The Terry River.

Tory Terry traipses on its tributary.

The Terry Tributary.


Tory Terry triumphed!



Try to traipse to the tribal tribute at Terry Tributary to honor Tory Terry’s triumph.