Leftist Rites

Eric Holder

Eric Holder.

Are you cold?

Holder’s colder.

Right wing rights get his cold shoulder.


Bolder, Holder!

Use a boulder:



“I arrest rights.

“I arrest right.

“I arrest a rightist’s rights.

“That’s my rite.

“My right rite.”



A bolder, colder Eric Holder

Lifts, aright, his own left shoulder

At the rites of right wing rights–

The one rite left for which he fights.

Lois Lerner


Lois Lerner.

Learn ‘er, Lois!

Low is Lois.


Tea Party.

Non-profit? “Tardy.

Trap tea party tardy!”


Libs: our ills, uber alles.

Liber-ills bill our ills.

Bilious bills instill all ills.


Fifth Amendment? Own it!

Fifth Commandment? Do it!

Self-incriminate? “Invocate!”

Tea Party: “Eliminate!”