Extinct Hobby


Andrew Ward.
“Drew” Ward.
A drawer.
Drew Ward: drawer.

Dodo dew.
Drew Ward drew dodo dew.

“Drawers’ Dues.”
Drew Ward pays Drawers’ Dues.

Draw on dues.
Drawer Drew Ward drew on Drawers’ Dues.

Dues in drawer:
Drawers’ Dues drawer.


Drawer, Drew Ward, drawing dodo dew, drew on Drawers’ Dues drawer.

Shifty Fish Wish List

fishDid you give a herring her ring?

Beguile a bluegill?

Surge on a sturgeon?

Park a carp?

You shoulda’ had a shad.

Did you winnow a minnow?

Pick a pike?

Eye well a walleye?

Did you preach a perch?

Argue–or agree–a gar?

Rout a trout?

¡No mas salmon!

Did you tune a tuna?

(A cartoon tuna:

Did you tune a tuna ‘toon?)

Skewer a sucker?

Lean on an eel?

Cinch a conch?

Grip a grouper?

Shirk a shark?

Did you catch a lot of cachelot?


Roman Fury


Atticus. A test.

Atticus at a test.

Atticus attests.

Atticus attests at a test.

He tests and attests and he cusses.

“Curséd test!” he attests.

He cusses at tests.

Atticus curse-cusses, attesting at tests.

Atticus rests. Policeman arrests.

Arrest him he must:

Lest cursed Atticus, at rest, attest post-test curses.

Atticus gun

Note: as always with my material, you aren’t getting the effect if you don’t say the words aloud.