Roman Fury


Atticus. A test.

Atticus at a test.

Atticus attests.

Atticus attests at a test.

He tests and attests and he cusses.

“Curséd test!” he attests.

He cusses at tests.

Atticus curse-cusses, attesting at tests.

Atticus rests. Policeman arrests.

Arrest him he must:

Lest cursed Atticus, at rest, attest post-test curses.

Atticus gun

Note: as always with my material, you aren’t getting the effect if you don’t say the words aloud.

Prison Teacher’s Lament

chaprmapvistaThe educated take for granted

What the culture has supplanted.

I teach prison (G.E.D.)—

See what brains they send to me!

The personal pronoun’s upper case is

Not an option? See their faces!

Proper nouns, too, have large letters?

(Gasping from the men in fetters.)

For phone and text and hip-hop lyrics

Spurn all basic grammar rubrics.

These they bring in with their zeitgeist –

Spelling rules have all been quite iced.

An An before all nouns of vowel-start:

An elephant an ear an owl. Part-

Iciples? Daren’t dare. These

Pupils mix their there with they’re. Please

Chat room haunters,


Spell your words out; punctuate.

The next gen-group may be too late.