Word Rocket


I find that I am growing facile
Writing this word-play epistle.
I’ll bundle it and pack the issue
In Epistle Facile Missile!

I brandish now some mistletoe.
Shall, on this missile, mistletoe go?
Where to go to? Mistletoe to?
Go to Tonga? Togo, too?
Maybe the two!

Epistle Facile Missile to go
With mistletoe to go to Tonga,
And to go to Togo too!

One Liners








Solzhenitsyn’s Innuit souls.

Shakespeare’s peers shake!

“Tell us, judge, of digitalis. Or didja’ tell us?”

He’s pro-opera, see.

Proselytize! Tithe tennis pro’s!

Juicy sea juice.
‘D’you see sea juice?

Pulp title:
“Temptation at Station Temp”

A filmy mouthful.

A staff of fats.

You crane, Ukraine!

Mitchum’s a “mum itch.”

German manger.

Dermer’s murder.

Farewell, welfare!

Digital? Toldja,’ Jed.

Darrel licked a derelict.

‘Nary an ornithologist just slothed in, ornery.

Eric hits heretics!

Native American Hero



Mr. Tory Terry.

Tory Terry’s tribal.

And the tribal river? Terry!

The Terry River.

Tory Terry traipses on its tributary.

The Terry Tributary.


Tory Terry triumphed!



Try to traipse to the tribal tribute at Terry Tributary to honor Tory Terry’s triumph.